Trying a Pentax Again

I have been investigating how I might prefer to do my personal photography this summer.  One option I am considering is using just one camera and one lens.  One set I’m considering is the Pentax KP DSLR and the Pentax 20-40mm lens.  I used it to make the above images.  Yes, that would be going backwards relative to camera technology, but I like the idea of the challenges that it would make.  I am also finding that I like working with the colors and image quality of the Pentax system better than the micro 4/3 gear that I still have for Homewood photography when I work close to people.

Most likely, I will be photographing some flowers in color as I find them, but I am still exploring using B&W for more and more.  The flowers above are the first I have seen this year that have opened.  In addition, I hope to continue with a B&W style similar to the image of the hawk in the tree above.  I might use that style a lot, provided that I get out and about and range further away from Homewood and find something to photograph.

I would like to use the Pentax gear for suburban and country landscape images in all kinds of weather and for local flowers.  I use the Olympus E-M5 III for my Homewood imagery that I do inside around people since that camera is silent and I have suitable lenses for the different venues, but, I may also use it rather than the Pentax for outdoors since it is lighter.

The remaining questions are how many landscape images would I make and would I be satisfied with just using this one camera and lens for all of my personal photography?  And how does my Olympus TG-6 fit in with this Pentax setup?  And do I really want another larger camera when I had thought strongly about going smaller with all of my technology gadgets/tools?  And how does the Pentax fit with some of the other concerns I have relative to my Mental Anguish #1 Post?

It’s rather obvious that I really need to figure out what types of things I might photograph, how I want to do it, and what I can do physically before I make any decisions relative to what cameras I need; therefore, if I don’t decide “what, why, and how” I’m going to photograph soon I will have to return the KP and lens that I am trying.