If all I wanted to do, and I do like doing this, was make pictures of common things around me each day, I could be satisfied just using the TG-6 and processing the images this way.  The TG-6 is the only camera I need for these kinds of pictures.  It is comforting to know that if I ever get to the point where the TG-6 is the only camera I can handle, that I could still enjoy making images like these, if only for myself.

Misty was sick for a few days so we took her to the vet Saturday morning.  While Marcia and Misty were inside, I sat in the car and waited and challenged myself to make some pictures from sitting inside the car in the parking lot.  The pictures above are what I made.

I have even thought about using this camera and technique and printing a book of such pictures from around Hanover if I could weave them into a story or theme of some kind.  Hmmm, maybe just images related to the Civil War, the one in the 1800s, not the coming one.

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  1. paula graham

    I do like these kind of photos very much…keep taking them please! i firmly believe it is not nes. to travel the world to get good shots…real photographers! can take a photo of nothing and make it look like something. xx