Higher ISO with Pentax


Over the years I have used many cameras.  Early on, after I got more serious with my photography I switched to DSLR Pentax cameras.  After going through many different upgrades, I later sold my latest DSLR Pentax camera when I thought that I needed to find something smaller and lighter.  Now I am finding that my thinking is swinging back based on quality of the gear and the images.

While seeing if I still preferred the Pentax DSLR cameras and if I could manage them, I used a Pentax KP camera with the 20-40mm limited lens to make the test images above, all of them made at ISO 12800.  The images you see are from raw files made with Adobe colors in LR.  I did not use auto tone or make any changes except for applying a little noise reduction (+25).  What I am finding is that I like working with the Pentax files and they bring back many happy memories.

I now find myself thinking about selling all of my micro 4/3 gear that you see in the first image and switching back to using the larger heavier Pentax camera and lenses.  Since I am not anxious to make a mistake in going back, I might go back to a dual system with over lapping cameras and lenses for a while.  If I decide to do that, I’m not sure about what lenses I would get for a Pentax system.  I only know I need to keep the cost and weight of the lenses to a minimum.  Should I stick with a few limited lenses or get a longer zoom lens? 

I am amazed at the quality of the high ISO files.  I have no problems with them for the types of photography that I do.  I also prefer the Pentax program curve and the way I can control it for maintaining the qualities I need for my Homewood photography.