Other Lenses?

I’m currently trying to determine what lenses I would like to use with the Pentax KP as I adopt it for a minimalist style of photography.  I would like to minimize the weight and keep the cost down, but I’m not yet sure what focal lengths I want to utilize for my photography.  In the past I have always had long focal length zoom lenses and now I’m trying to see if I can develop a style without them.  The question I’m striving to answer is whether my 20-40mm and my 70mm lenses are enough, or at least the right focal lengths?  If I just use those lenses it will mean very little, if any, wildlife images, but I want to do photography without a heavy larger zoom lens.  I have thought about getting the Pentax 15mm and the 35mm macro lenses and primarily using one of them rather than the larger 20-40mm lens, but I’ll wait and see what I can do without them.  If I got another one of the prime lenses, the 20-40mm lens would be my WR option when needed. 

My intention is to photograph with one camera and one lens at a time.  I rarely take additional lenses when I’m out walking.  Using my KP camera is like having an X100 series camera but with the ability to use different focal lengths, plus a better, changeable hand grip.  I prefer the feel, ergonomics, and controls of the heavier Pentax KP when using it with one of the limited lens series.

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