Colors within Homewood

200222-162310-JEH20While I like the challenges of making B&W images from within Homewood, I also like to make color images of scenes not as frequently recognized by residents.  I also like to make the images in a different style from what most might snap with their phone or see with their eyes.

In this image I was experimenting with some variations for my color style.  While collecting images to work on the processing, I was also seeing how far I could “push the 70mm prime lens.”  I do this for several reasons.  One I like to only use one lens at a time and then crop out portions to resize for a different composition.  This also gives me a perspective that others might not so readily recognize where I was standing when I made the picture.  The longer focal length (an effective 105mm) also compresses the scene.  Others could never make this same composition unless they made it the same way I did.  That helps keep my pictures unique and enables me to make different images from within a small area.

The other thing that is different is the processing.  I have been working on an old style look with slightly faded colors and other differences.  At the moment I’m liking this style for these types of images.  I deliberately reduced the saturation, added grain, reduced the clarity, and reduced the dynamic range.  I’m anxious to try it on other subjects … maybe flowers?  I have a preset made that I can apply for my starting point when I process the raw files.