Photography Issue

Both of these images were made with the Pentax KP and the 70mm prime lens with the same settings and I’m using them to illustrate my issue.  My continuing problem with cameras and lenses has been with their weight and how that affects my abilities to use them to achieve levels of image quality that I desire.  The other aspect of this issue, that can’t be separated, is what I photograph.  The first image above was the first picture I made of the Redhead ducks in the previous post.  In that post I cropped out a small portion and then increased the size for that post.  What you see above is the uncropped version. 

I love the ergonomics of the KP in terms of the hand grip and controls, but not the weight.  My contention when I purchased the KP was to use it only with lightweight lenses to minimize the weight.  I love the image quality of the KP-70mm combination and I like that I can use it to make pictures of things relatively close and at the same time blur the background of things in the distance like in the image of the bird box.

My hope was that I would be able to photograph things of interest by utilizing some crop-zooming to expand my coverage range.  I knew that my photography of wildlife would be limited.  But then I saw the Redheads and I wanted a photograph to look at to confirm what they were.  When I got home and loaded the picture into my computer my first thought was, I need a longer zoom lens.  Since then, I have been revisiting my initial thoughts.

Do I get a longer, heavier zoom lens for the KP, and then carry it when I’m out walking?  My past experiences say yes, get it; but I’m older now and physical issues get in the way of using and enjoying heavier gear.  Another alternative is keep the micro 4/3 gear that I have, and carry and use it when out walking, even though I don’t like to use it as much or enjoy the image quality as much.  Or should I stick with my purchase intentions and give up photographing wildlife?

I will have to eventually make a decision and stick with it.  I still would like to reduce the amount of gear I have and simplify as much as possible.  Whatever decision I make, I also have to take into consideration how it affects my indoor Homewood photography.  I have been trying the Pentax KP indoors and I think I can use it indoors around people but it requires other adjustments.  I may sell all of the micro 4/3 gear, get a larger heavier zoom lens for the KP, and then make fewer pictures if/when I have physical issues with the gear.  Or I might just use the Pentax for everything with smaller lighter lenses and give up long heavy zoom lenses.  Or I might keep the E-M5 III with a couple of lenses plus the KP with more lenses and then switch back and forth relative to what to take and use, or I might go back to all micro 4/3 gear.

I am what I am, primarily an aging landscape photographer, not a street photographer, and not a documentary photographer; but if that is the case, what is the best choice for me to make?