My Film Camera … Isn’t


   My “film camera” isn’t a film camera at all.  It is my digital Olympus TG-6 waterproof pocket camera for which I like to process the raw files to a B&W style that I like that looks a lot like some older film prints looked.  It is my fun camera for playing around with.  I like doing this so much that I have even considered just using it for most of my walkabout blog pictures. 

I have been getting a chuckle out of several bloggers recently who have been writing about why mostly older photographers have been thinking about film photography again.  Mike Johnson started writing about his situation and then Kirk entered into the subject with his view on it.

My reasons for liking to use the TG-6 digital camera with images processed “sort-of-film-like” are for different reasons.  It gives me an opportunity to utilize a small pocket camera to make images like I remember seeing in older magazines.  I like using a camera that many won’t consider using since it has a small sensor and only 12MP, etc.  I enjoy the fun of using a small sensor camera while others are following and pursuing bigger, larger sensors with cameras with a lot more “bells and whistles” and making sharper, super colorful images.

The disadvantages of small sensor cameras are the noisier, grainy images that are less sharp which also have less dynamic range and which don’t make good high ISO images.  If that is the case, why not embrace those shortcomings and make the most of them.  I think that processing the raw files from the TG-6 the way I do does just that.  I even reduce the dynamic range, reduce the clarity, reduce the exposure, and add grain in making my images.  I made the above images quickly this morning in very low light as I sat at my computer.  Most of them were made at an ISO of 1600 which many photographers consider too high and too noisy to be of use with a TG-6 camera.


  1. Marc Beebe

    You won’t see this old film guy going back to film; it’s far too expensive and complex to bother with these days. Nor do I fall for that “you need 27 billion pixels to make good photos” nonsense. Most of what I post online is 640 x 480 still, and it’s not hard to achieve a good image that small even if you start out with “only” 6MP. 😀


  2. David

    That’s sort of been my philosophy for my Instagram posts. I’ve got a terribly outdated iPhone SE and do my processing in phone with Snapseed: small pictures from a small phone. Its been a good exercise in looking for small photo opportunities 😁. I’m also trying out film photography too.