Mardi Gras Challenge

Since I can’t display pictures of residents within the personal care sections of Homewood at Plum Creek, it is often a challenge to use pictures made there in my blog.  I photographed their Mardi Gras celebration the other day and it was so colorful and the residents and staff had so much fun that I decided I had to figure out a way to at least show others the colors … especially for those residents who don’t like my B&W images and who don’t always get to see my color work.

The floats had to be sized to go down narrow hallways and make tight turns so they had to be small.  My apologies to those who had floats that aren’t shown above, but these show the largest and smallest.  I wasn’t able to show the pictures of some of the more creative floats which had active participants swirling around having a good time.  But I did make, and turn in to the staff, around 90 pictures which covered from behind the scenes as they got ready, then their parade, and then the demonstrations, awards, and drinks and treats at the end.