Photographing Collections


I thought about approaching people about photographing their collections.  I did ask one person and was turned down due to concerns about someone breaking in and stealing his collections.  He didn’t want others to know what he had.  He is now dead and his collection was broken up and sold to who knows whom.

But, the primary reason I gave up on the idea of photographing collections was not only for the above reason.  I found out that collectors are very particular on how pictures of their stuff look as well as having them displayed around the world.  My blog post is viewed by as many from outside the U.S. as from inside, or locally. 

Most want to have the pictures of their stuff look as they see them and usually in color.  It is almost as bad as making portraits.  I have never had any desire to make portraits since most people aren’t satisfied with them and I usually can’t display them in my blog.  Their pictures never seem to look like they think they look.  Well, pictures of collections are just as bad.  I gave up in order to retain my right to make my pictures like I want to make them.

Now, I’ll have to listen to the owner of these items (and others) “why did you do them in B&W?  You know I don’t like B&W.”  Hopefully, I’ll be able to convince my wife that I did it for better illustrating why I don’t photograph the “stuff” of others.  PS, these items are all miniatures.  The center bottle is only about three inches tall.