Still a Grim World

200303-150447-JEH20While some are encouraged by the few flowers blooming, it is still a pretty grim world “out there”.  One can easily get pretty alarmed if they think about the state of affairs world-wide.

The question I am faced with is, “do I close my eyes to those external happenings and assume they won’t impact us since some of us won’t live that long, or do I encourage others to see them and start reacting?”

It goes against my whole career and lifetime of experience to not be truthful and see things as they are and then try to convince others to wake up and get prepared; but, there are pressures for me to keep quiet.  Some of my local viewers don’t read my words and tell me they only look at my pictures.  Apparently they don’t like, or disagree, with what I say.  Others say that I tend to stir up feelings and thoughts that they don’t want to know about … that they only like the pleasant colorful pictures.