Pentax in Hawaii

Due to the lack of new pictures, I have been revisiting older ones.  I took these in 2011 with a Pentax K-5 II and the 18-55mm lens.  I wanted to see how they looked after reprocessing the raw files using the latest version of LR.  One reason I am redoing the files and looking at them closer is to help me decide what, if any, additional lenses I might wish to have for my current Pentax KP camera.

So far, I’m sticking to my preference to not get a longer, heavier zoom lens.  One reason is the image quality of those light enough and cheap enough aren’t very good.  If I continue to think only in terms of the limited lenses, the only one left of interest to me would be the 21mm, and it would come in handy if I ever get back to the streets or traveling.  I am still not sure about getting another 18-55mm WR zoom lens, but there are times it would be handy as a cheap walkabout lens in bad weather or times like when our next flood occurs.  Looking at the above pictures tells me it would be good enough, at least when the lighting is bright.  I might order an inexpensive used one and compare the IQ to the Limited 20-40mm WR lens.

Note that all of these pictures were taken on the big island.  I noticed the “reference” to Hanover in a small general store.  We were visiting the island right before they had an Iron Man event and there were a lot of cyclists getting use to the climate, roads, etc.  The big island is a lot drier and newer, thus the lava flows, than our favorite island which is Kauai.