Daylight Savings Time

Today is when we have shifted to daylight savings time (DST), at least in most of the United States.  What a misnomer.  It seems crazy to name it that when there are no savings at all.  The sun and earth keep doing the same in their movements around with the only change being in the amount of daylight versus darkness on a daily basis.

It even seems more ludicrous in doing it now since we still are having overnight frost.  I made these pictures this morning.  The only reasons for switching time these years is due to the lack of action on the part of the Administration and the Senate to face reality and do some work.  Scientific studies have shown that shifting time back and forth does more harm than good.  I have to bite my tongue as I remember that they don’t know what scientific, fact based studies of anything really are, and they couldn’t read and understand them if they had them.