Flowers are Growing

I just stepped outside and photographed these in our yard after yesterday’s morning rain.  I can at least do that and still avoid people.  The easiest way to avoid people is to not go where they are since many don’t understand the need to avoid potentially sick people who don’t know if they are sick or not, especially those who are still circulating around other people who might have come into contact with ill folks.  Unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus is also growing and spreading and all older folks have a target on their back, whether they believe it or not.

Due to the shortage of ideas for what to photograph along with the growing need to stay away from people, I may decide to stop posting, or at least slow down for a while.  I have been considering slowing down all winter but kept striving to post daily just to keep it going until the weather and spring plants started growing, and now COVID-19 is interfering with some of my hopes and plans for photography off campus.  I’ll just have to see what happens, but I also expect that the activities here that I planned to photograph will be canceled.


  1. Ro

    Instead of taking a hiatus, maybe you should just challenge yourself to find new ways to capture what’s been around you the whole time. Love crocuses–so pretty. Too bad they don’t last very long.