Shocks Bring Changes

Hard to find colorful upbeat images when I’m in lock-down mode and spring hasn’t fully sprung yet.  It looks like the world is definitely going into a world-wide recession as far as financial and economic impacts and that there will be future changes.  As this point I’m hopeful of some positive changes being made after we get through this pandemic.  It often takes shocks to the system to bring out creative ideas and changes in systems whether in politics, economics, ways we spend our time, or medical advances, and it’s time to look forward.

The entire photography industry has been in a nose-dive for years now and a long recession could be the end of some camera lines.  I think I will forget about any different gear for awhile since better or different opportunities might arise in the future.  For these last few posts I have been using the Olympus E-M5 III and the 18-150mm lens.  That combination is my most universal setup, but not always my favorite to hold and carry around, or play with; but, it might become my favorite if I use it enough.