My intentions for some of my photography before Covid-19 hit was to go around Hanover, off campus, and capture oddities that I saw; i.e., the odd scenes of junk and toys in the yards, landscaping, house paint colors, architecture, etc.  I am not able to do that now, that is go into town, so maybe images from Homewood like this will suffice.

Now that I am looking at this scene I’m wondering if I really want to make these kinds of images anymore.  Should I go for a series like this, honesty in all its color, or do I want to pass it by and just make B&W images  of simpler things.  Well, the more I think about it, the more I know what I prefer, but can I make enough more simple images from scenes around the campus in B&W?  That would be very difficult and might turn into a very small set of images.

The following doesn’t really help much, but was more fun to make.