Sitting Tight

I checked some tulips on 1 and 2 April and they were still wrapped up tight from the cold.

Me, I’m just sitting and wondering about the future.  My entire career was based on changes to meet and survive the future and the development of alternative strategies for preparedness.  At first it was about the military’s needs for future warfare and now, I don’t know.  I’m trying to spend some time thinking and researching about the world’s future after we get past the worst of this pandemic.  There is no doubt that prior to this pandemic many countries were in deep debt.  Now with the economic “near all stop” that most countries are undergoing, the future debts are going to be unimaginable.  We could come out of this time in worse shape than after WWII. 

It could be worse than WWII, not because of the debt or the loss of life, but because of the vast partisan divide between political parties and the vast expanse between the impoverished masses and the top one percent with vast wealth.  I’m trying hard to not let my mind drift to considering the ultimate worst case scenarios, but it is getting harder to do that.  In the meanwhile, I’m trying to sit tight and not go there, but with daily growing concerns about the kinds of changes that are required.

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