Yesterday, FedEx delivered another lens to me.  Due to the Pandemic restrictions I have had to drop my photography plans for this year.  I had planned to use a few prime lenses and go back to the streets of Hanover, PA to make images.  Since I can’t do that now, I decided to go back to using a longer zoom lens, in this case the Pentax 55-300mm ED PLM WR RE, and do what I did in past years.  That is, walking about Homewood, with usually just the KP and the 55-300mm zoom lens, and recording what I find.  It is like going back to 2012 when I did that with a Pentax K5 and a similar lens.

The images above were made in the backyard of # 667.  The residents decided to put a mask on their statue behind their Villa.  Those were some of my first test images that I made to check out the lens.  Later in the day I made the following images from my backyard in the evening.