Living in Isolation

With little else to do, I have been spending some time taking pictures inside our Villa and processing them as dark B&W images.  Not only do I like this style but I find it very appropriate for the times we are living through.

There are many retirement centers within PA that not only have cases of the COVID-19, but also have deaths.  I have also noticed that one of them closed road entrances and placed guards at the only open entrance to screen all who enter or leave.  Thank goodness, as of when I wrote this, we are still COVID-19 free.

Given some residents concerns (paranoia) in the past about strangers entering our campus to walk, run, etc. I have been surprised that some didn’t want to turn our campus into a gated community with a guarded single entrance.  That is something that is expensive to do but might be something that more retirement centers will consider in the future.