Planning for a Different Future

I used my TG-6 to make these this morning.  It was cool and had been raining and it was rather bleak outside.  That combination along with the need to stay home made for bleak photography prospects.

Changes occurring as a result of COVID -19 and its projected impacts on the social and economical environments require changes, so I’m considering changing my blog and photography.  I’m using my time now to think about alternatives from changing my cameras and lenses, to only using an iPhone or my TG-6, or to stopping my photography and blogging altogether.

The bottomline is that photography isn’t a valid or useful hobby if I don’t travel to other locations and capture new scenes.  I’m therefore thinking about major changes for the future.

I was going to write about my thoughts for changes but I decided to just let this blog go dark for a while while I work on deciding what changes to make.  I have already decided that keeping cameras and lenses suitable for photographing activities here at Homewood like in the past is not a viable future for me in the near term.  Getting past that vision of the pre COVID-19 days opens up opportunities for me relative to photography, or not, that flows on down to changes in my computer and software.

Stay safe.

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