Update from Isolation

Since I don’t have much of interest to photograph in this place, at this time, during this period of isolation, I have been giving some thoughts to what camera I would choose going forward in time.  It is very similar to picking my desert island camera if I could only have one camera and one lens.

Obviously, the camera and lens would, to some degree, depend upon what I would be photographing as well as the quality of the camera and the fun in using it.  At this point, I would probably sell everything off other than the Pentax KP and the lenses I have for it.  The only issue I have with it is that the shutter, mirror, and screw drive lenses are noisy.  That doesn’t bother me too much as long as there are no people around, but a mirrorless camera would be better.

Since I am interested in having as small and as simple a camera and lens as necessary, I have also been considering just using an iPhone for my remaining photography.  While trying that approach I have been using my iPhone 6 to make some pictures.  I used it to make the ones above in this blog.  In addition to this style of images, I have also been using it in low light to make B&W images and it is better than I expected.  Since my old iPhone has issues, I will need to buy a new one as soon as I can go back out and shop around some.  Which new phone I buy will depend upon whether and how I intend to use it for photography.

Since I don’t plan on having much to photograph in the future; i.e., this need to isolate will likely go on for a long time in some form or other, I have no plans for traveling anywhere, etc., I really have little need for a camera.  The only issue left is whether I want to keep, or get, what I consider the ideal camera for just messing around with a little photography.  The only use I am considering for a camera now is for maybe visual journaling, especially if I decide to write a book about these times and thoughts.  Would an iPhone be sufficient for that use?  The answer is yes except for one factor.  That is the fun factor.  I get no joy from using an iPhone.  If I extend my thoughts about what camera would work for journaling that would be fun to use, my thoughts shift to the latest Fujifilm X100V camera.

I have been thinking about totally giving up photography and blogging.  My problem is coming up with ideas that are practical for publishing either in my blog or in a book.  Most likely, I will continue with some form of journaling, but maybe in a format and with thoughts that are not appropriate for publication for Homewood residents.  I haven’t decided what to do other than to continue downsizing and attempting to end up with as little as useable.  At this time I hope to keep working on ideas for photography and blogging and explore my thoughts relative to at a minimum selling all of the micro 4/3 gear (I bought it for photographing Homewood events and activities) and maybe replacing it with the X100V camera and lens.  If that seems promising, I might also sell off the Pentax gear and just use an X100V.

As for this blog, I haven’t given up on it yet.  I may continue with it in some form.  I just have to wait and think about whether or not it is worth it.  I may still use it as a modified form of outlet for my thoughts and visual journaling.

PS, my Olympus TG-6 pocket camera quit working and is destined for the trash heap.