200501-065109-JEH20It may be the first of May, but really it is a time to call out mayday.  It is a time to be thinking about the future and when I do, I think of mayday …. a call for help.  I am thinking that this pandemic situation is going to be far more disruptive than most are thinking.  I am expecting it to go on for several years, but hopefully with diminishing deaths as time goes by.  I see the ripple effects of it rumbling through all we do.  Due to economics and necessary changes, all we make and consume will be impacted.

While we must develop a vaccine, I don’t expect it to be a magic cure.  I think we are going to have to expend a lot more time and energy on altering our ways of doing most everything.  I think we need to spend more time on developing changes in all that we do from socializing to production of ‘things” to our logistics and processes in our food production and distribution.  I see changes coming in all that we manufacture and consume and unfortunately, it is going to cause major disruptions in workflows, jobs, income, etc.  It is going to bring about major disruptions in our education system from preschool through college.  We are going to need fresh new thinking about how we deal with climate changes and prepare for those changes along with future disruptions, etc.

I am well aware of how it has already impacted my photography but I have not yet made major adjustments other than to think about what I might do and work through different scenarios.  I do not expect it to return to normal and I don’t think anyone should expect most things to return to the way they were.  Change happens, and this is a big one.

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