Morning Scenes

The first two images were made outside when I took my Olympus E-M5 III with the 14-150mm lens out for some exercises of the camera.  I tend to not use this setup for my personal photography, but yet it is my most versatile set of gear for everything I can do.  It is hard for me to explain why it isn’t my favorite setup, but maybe it is because it is too easy and I don’t get good vibes while holding and using it.  It is a little small, doesn’t have a good hand grip that fits my hand, and I don’t like the lens sticking out so far; but, some other reasons are that I don’t like the articulated LCD nor the fact that the on-off switch is on the left side.

Later when inside while I was trying different processing on a set of images I made the following two through the window.  In these I was looking for bits of color to play with and wasn’t concerned about photographing through the panes of glass and blinds.