Clutter in the Field

The flowers, plants, etc. that I photograph are out in the fields and yards at Homewood at Plum Creek.  One large problem is that this is a windy location and I have to wait for days or times when the winds are not blowing; but, there is another problem and that is the surrounding clutter.  I have to deal with the clutter mainly through processing. 

These images are some that I grabbed a few days ago that I have been working on at various times to emphasize the flowers and diminish the surrounding clutter.  Hopefully the winds will die down and the temperatures will increase and it won’t rain so that I can get out and look for more soon.

I would also like to find something different to photograph using this same technique … something that is readily available.  In addition, I really prefer to work with B&W images since they are easier to work on in some ways, but they require more care with the lighting, contrast, etc.  I also like the uniformity of multiple images when they are only shades of gray.