A Questionable Future

I fully expect the new normal to be a continuous set of adjustments to dealing with everything from the virus to longer term financial realities.  While I’m hoping for things to get better, I really won’t be surprised if they are as bad or worse.  I might need to move into a depression era style of photography.

While the future won’t be like the past, or current conditions, I’m still relying on my past experiences to adjust for a different photography future.  While doing that I reworked some older images,  shown here, that I had made last year with a pocket camera.

I expect to go back to carrying a rugged pocket camera when I’m out of the house and to be using it to make a greater percentage of the images that you will hopefully be seeing on this blog.  I would like to photograph scenes similar to these but that depends upon how much, and where, I’ll be able to go.

Another variable that I expect to get wilder is the weather.  It seems that we swing from one extreme to another and that it gets both wetter and dryer, warmer and colder, and windier.  We could even end up having more of a problem with hurricanes this summer, so I’m trying to be prepared for that as well with waterproof cameras.