A Documentarian, Just Because

What I have to photograph are scenes around the grounds here and they aren’t so simple, in fact they are quite complex, some would say cluttered in some areas.  They are definitely anything but the minimalist style that I prefer.  The above images are three views of Plum Creek next to the garden just northwest of Westminster.  The fact that the creek bank is collapsing and the soil is washing out leaving the roots and rocks exposed makes for a cluttered view, as well as sediment flowing down the streams towards the Chesapeake Bay.

The two images below show the garden next to the creek.  These are also cluttered areas that are works in progress as the residents plant, wait for the plants to grow, and attempt to keep the animals from eating the fruits of their labor.

All of the pictures shown in this post are ones that are more documentary in nature as I capture things as they are now.  I make them to have something to photograph and to show others who live here the areas that they might not be able to get out and see.

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