TG – 6 Repaired

200522-105851-JEH20Olympus repaired my TG – 6 camera under warranty.  Since I got it back I have been exercising it to make sure it works.  It does.  They replaced the lens assembly.  This need for a repair seemed to have been a rare problem.  I have owned three or four of these cameras before and never had a problem.  I have used similar cameras while kayaking  in Costa Rica, while rafting in Peru, and while in the blowing sands in the desert in Tunisia and never had a problem before.

I made the first image when I was testing the macro mode while taking pictures of the rain drops on the front window and screen.  The distortion was deliberate since I held the camera at an angle up against the glass.  I made the others when I took a walk. 

I now have two waterproof pocket cameras, the Olympus and the Ricoh, but they have different strengths and I hope to use then differently, but I’m still comparing them to decide when to use which camera.

The Ricoh has more pixels (for  cropping) and a longer zoom focal length  while the Olympus has fewer pixels, handles low light a little better as well as better macro images and also has more controls and options.  Some photographers wonder why I buy waterproof cameras since I never use them underwater.  I buy and use them for pocket cameras including when walking in the rain.  Since their lenses do not extend, they hold up better in dusty conditions as well as when carried in a not so clean pocket or bag.

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