These are an example of the types of pictures I take around the house.  Whenever I see an interesting play of light and color I will often grab a camera to get an image.  I then like to play with the images on the computer to see how they look.

I’m in the midst of thinking about why I take pictures, what are the best cameras and focal lengths needed, and would I like, to replace some of my cameras with one more suitable for the times.  I’m always looking for a more simple or minimalistic set of photography gear, and a lot of my current gear was purchased to do photography that I do very little of now, nor likely to do in the future.

More explicitly, I have been thinking about just using an effective 35mm lens and experimenting to see how that would work for me.  In the case of these images, I used the Olympus PEN-F camera with the 17mm lens.  I got the PEN-F camera rather than a Fuji X100F camera because the PEN-F could also serve as a backup camera for my micro 4/3 setup for indoor Homewood photography and I really doubt I’ll be doing much of that anymore.