Major Changes

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI need to change to fit the shift in the winds of life and the times.  I plan to flow with the currents of life.  I am not a professional photographer.  I don’t rely on it for anything.  I don’t need to be obsessive about it.

After reviewing thousands of pictures of many scenarios made over many years with lots of different processing styles and made with lots of different cameras and lenses, I decided to not keep the Canon RP camera and lens, and to sell all of my micro 4/3 cameras and lenses and replace them with a Fuji X100V camera.  I wanted to just use a Fuji X100V camera for all of my photography.  But, I will keep my Pentax KP camera with some zoom lenses for outdoors, bad weather documentation, some Homewood work, and backup.  The camera has no resale value at this time.

I liked what I had well enough, but I see little opportunity, or desire, for using them in the future.  I have dithered back and forth between cameras and lenses that offered the most photographic opportunities … DSLR types with many lenses, and rangefinder type cameras with prime lenses with more limited uses.  Time to stop the dithering and eliminate all of the redundant gear.

I have been doing less photography and have considered giving it up entirely.  I am hoping that I can maintain some interest by keeping it simple and taking on the challenges associated with using less.  I won’t be able to make some images where a longer focal length lens is required, but I’ll manage.

There are other motives for this extreme degree of simplifying my gear.  I have been doing less photography and I want to end up using a camera that will fit my lifestyle as I slow down.  One thing that I have learned during this first period of isolation is that I can be satisfied to do less with less.

My intention is to narrow my types of photography, while challenging myself to be creative, and doing it with one camera and one lens.  I am moving into a phase of limited photography in a challenging, simpler, sustainable way.

Camera R&D and sales have been on a big decline for several years and the Covid-19 virus will probably push many companies over the edge, as evidenced by Olympus.  Now is a good time to leave the micro 4/3 system and longer focal length zoom lenses.    

I am going to focus on doing less photography and using less gear that is more appropriate for me as I age and learn to live life differently.