Color vs. Monochrome

I have been using my X100V to capture standard Fuji color jpegs and then with little to no processing using either the color jpeg or converting the images to Adobe monochrome images.  I like both the color and the monochrome and tend to use the one that works best in a post on my blog.

I am going to continue trying this workflow for awhile.  I want to see how I like it in preparation for eventually trying to switch from using a Mac laptop to an iPad Pro with a keyboard.

So far, I like this approach for documentation purposes.  This doesn’t mean that I intend to only make these types of images.  I still would like to make more expressive images that go beyond what others might see, but I am still limited by what subjects I have to work with.  If I do find something that I might want to experiment on, I can also capture raw files to play with.