Marcia & Icy

Since conditions are not good for making new images, I am looking through some old small prints and scanning a few with some thoughts about what I can do with them.

The beach image is of Marcia in 1959 when she was spending the summer with her aunt and uncle in Santa Monica, CA.  That was the summer between our junior and senior years when we were dating and attending Washington Irving (WI) High School.

The other print was scanned from a small oval print that was badly faded and damaged.  She is Marcia’s grandmother on her mother’s side.  Her name was Icy Smith Dye who was born around 1881.  We don’t know when this picture was taken but from the fact that she looks young I would guess that it was around 1900, a little older than Marcia was in her picture.  We were surprised to see the resemblance between her and Marcia.

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