Pentax 18 – 135mm Lens

 Since I couldn’t get enough from selling the Pentax KP and since I like it very much, I decided to keep using the Pentax DSLR and adding another lens to my set.  I bought a new 18-135mm lens to use as a general walkabout weather resistant lens.

These are some of my first images as I checked it out.  The only reason for selling my many Pentax DSLR cameras over the years was that I kept trying various mirrorless cameras that I could use silently in poor lighting when photographing Homewood events indoors.  Since I’m not doing that now, the Pentax KP and slower zoom lenses make a lot more sense for photographing most anything outdoors.  In the future, if necessary, I’ll either use my Fuji X100V camera and lens for up close indoor Homewood photography or if I need the longer focal lengths, I will “make-do” with the Pentax gear.  The residents would also have to “make-do” with hearing the sound of the Pentax shutter and mirror.