Best Camera

200724-204358-JEH20It is hard to avoid this question.  What is the best camera?  Of course that depends upon what is being photographed.  But I am approaching the answer from another direction.

If I am making pictures in low light, like I did in the photo shown here, my Fuji X100V is my best camera.  In low light or while photographing clouds with low contrast, it tends to not focus as well as my Pentax DSLR; but that is easily overcome by switching to manual focus and running the focus out to infinity, or just short of it.

If I am walking and wish to be ready to turn my camera on quickly and zoom it out and focus quickly to capture a mink in the creek, or a deer running across the field, my Pentax KP with a zoom lens is my best choice.

My problem is, how often do I need these capabilities?  I can’t always take multiple cameras and lenses just in case I might need one of them.  If I can only take one camera, which one is the best one to take?  I’m faced with this question every single day.

I have rationalized my way through deciding on the best camera over and over and I keep coming to the same answer.  The best camera is the one that is easiest and quickest to use with the most versatility that I would most likely always have with me. Most people might say, their smart phone.  I have considered that, but I have a better choice, my Olympus TG-6 camera.

The TG-6 is a small, waterproof camera which has a non extending fast zoom lens between the effective focal lengths of 25 – 100mm (plus macro), a small sensor with good DoF, and a very capable processor for handling a range of conditions. It is the most versatile in capabilities. If I were to travel again to the Sahara desert, or towns in Europe, or go deep into the Amazon rain forests, it would always be with me.  Some of you might also be surprised if I told you that it is the primary camera I would now take on such travels.  I would also have a second TG-6 or my Ricoh WG-60 with me on the trip for backup.

The question I need to answer is, why do I use anything else for my blog pictures other than the TG-6?

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