Using an iPhone SE


I had to get a new iPhone so I got the cheaper, smaller SE model.  I hadn’t planned on using the camera much since I have other cameras; but, I decided to give the SE camera a try.

We have had some off and on light rain but I managed to take a walk in-between drops.  While walking I tried a variety of images as shown here that were similar to what I take with my camera.  The only thing I missed was having a longer focal length zoom lens.

The work flow I selected was the simplest, after having tried a few different ways.  I used the iPhone camera controls to take the pictures and then used AirDrop to move jpeg files to my laptop computer.  I then input them into Lightroom Classic so I could perform additional processing in the manner I normally do it.  With this workflow I don’t need to use Lightroom mobile nor transfer pictures into and out of the cloud so I don’t need to pay for additional cloud storage, etc.  I can also then delete the pictures from the iPhone which enabled me to get the iPhone with the minimum of storage.

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