Processing Preferences

Today is overcast, cool, and damp so I was in the mood to use my Pentax gear to make one of my favorite style images.  I was also trying some tweaks to the style and seeing how the processing worked for a variety of scenes.  I have noticed that I seem to prefer images as I initially made them; i.e., color or monochrome, so I was also confirming that. 

I have thought about making B&W jpegs with the Pentax KP camera with some of the processing customized right in the camera.  So far, I have not done this since I would not then be able to process the images in color if I decided color worked better.

The above issues with out of camera jpeg images basically is because I have stopped making and using raw files in my cameras.  I did that because I have been having problems with my computer being slow and noisy due to the fans when the processing of images with LR heated up my computer.  The primary fix will be when I replace my computer with one that is more capable but I’m waiting for the new Apple computers to become available.  Once I have replaced my computer I will switch back to working with raw files.