Going Dark

My cameras are mostly resting peacefully in my photography cabinet these days.  I need to devote my time to finding other ways to occupy my time in addition to photography and to deciding what to do about my slow computer when working on pictures.  

The next thing on my photography calendar isn’t until the Labor Day Parade here at Homewood.  If I get any ideas for some images before then I’ll post them, otherwise this site might be dark and silent in the interim.  I’m still trying to think of how to photograph differently … purpose, subject, processing, gear, etc.

I might also decide to do something else.  I would like to find ways to reduce complexity and gear and minimize and simplify processes.  I would also like to create a better, more flexible way to live, not just exist, during the long term under the continuing changing conditions caused by pandemics, global climate changes, weather events, future financial environments, etc.; i.e., how to prepare for the coming changes.

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