Homewood at Plum Creek Pictures

My thoughts about doing something different haven’t been received well by the residents living here at Plum Creek.  I started out in 2012 to concentrate on scenes here that others might not have seen as I did.  Since I have announced my intentions to do something else, I have gotten numerous verbal comments from residents about how much they like to see my pictures and that they look for them daily on my website.

While I have gotten tired of photographing the same scenes over and over, they haven’t tired of seeing them.  To some extent it is probably because we have a large turnover in residents, and maybe it might also be a function of declining memories; but mostly it is because I show them common things in a manner that they couldn’t see them because they weren’t there at the same time, or as in this case, they couldn’t get as close.

In this picture example, several saw the big white bird around the pond, but they either couldn’t see it well enough to identify it, or just weren’t familiar with it.  It is a Great Egret.  It is a large, all-white heron with a yellow bill and black legs.

Due to popular demand, I will continue displaying as many of the Homewood scenes as I can; but, I will also attempt to continue with my trials at processing them differently, making some monochrome images, etc.  The challenge is still on … show our residents things that they didn’t see, or/and show them those things in the manner I prefer to envision them, for the sake of variety.

Later yesterday evening I made these.


  1. Jean Alwine

    This is very true!!!! We who live in apartments rarely see “up the hill” and vise versa.I am a volunteer who checks on single living residents, some who don’t get outside very often other than in a car to leave the campus. We all want you to continue showing pictures of our beautiful campus.PLEASE!!!!!!!!!