Pentax K-1 II with 28-105mm Lens

I tried a Pentax K-1 II camera for a while a year ago.  I really liked the image quality and what I could do with that one zoom lens.  Since I am still thinking about buying it, I went back to look at the images I had made before to review them to see if they really were as great as I remember.  They are.  The above shows a picture made at 105mm and a crop that I made from it.

The reasons I didn’t keep the camera were that it was heavy, the sound of the mirror slap was noticeable when using it around people, and the raw files bogged down my computer.  I wish I had made some jpeg images when I had it so I could see what they looked like and how they worked on my computer.  The difference in file size, etc. might have made working with them on my computer more pleasurable.

I am going to try again and see how my computer does with jpeg files vs. raw files.  I also want to try my APS-C Pentax lenses on it to see if I can use images made with them in my usual square cropped image style.