Night Trials with Pentax

I have been experimenting to see what I can do with a Pentax K-1 Mark II camera and the Pentax 28-105mm FF lens.  In addition, I am seeing if I like going back to a large, heavy DSLR camera and how much I can do with it; i.e., could I manage with it as my one and only camera and lens?

The images above were jpegs taken straight out of the camera.  The only change to them was using LR to resize them for this posting.

The problem is that no camera is a “jack of all trades” and every camera is a compromise.  I chose this Pentax full frame combination of gear as being the most likely to be capable of any and all photography that I might wish to do.  The biggest problem is the weight and size and noise of the mirror slap and doing without the advantages of an EVF.  The other issue is that I chose this combination to compare with the Fujifilm X100V camera.  It is my other possible choice at the other end of the gear spectrum.  Big differences, but I now have both in hand to compare and think about.