Proceeding Slowly

I am still evaluating the Pentax K-1 II and thinking about how I can simplify my gear.  Basically this evolves down to wondering if I need/want to keep both the K-1 and the Fuji X100V.  They are two entirely different photography systems with each at opposite poles.

It is really impossible to make a rational decision since I have no knowledge of what the future will be.  If I will be photographing a wide variety of subjects from outside landscapes, both urban and countryside, to lots of Homewood events, the K-1 with the 28-105mm lens would be best.  If I’m mostly just making personal images and I have back and arthritis flare-ups, and making few images of Homewood activities, the X100V would be best.  The Pentax system is the most versatile with multiple lenses and the most capable as well as most rugged, but is a gamble due to weight and size as I grow older and my health declines.

Cost is also a factor.  The X100V is paid for, the K-1 isn’t.  In addition, I thought that I could put off replacing my computer by only working with jpegs and not processing large raw files.  Now I have an additional problem with my computer.  The keys are acting up, especially the letter “t”.  I need to buy a new computer.