Using 43mm Pentax Lens

One decision I want to make is whether to walk around Homewood with just my 43mm pancake lens on the Pentax K-1 II or to just use the 28-105mm zoom lens.  The 43mm pancake is lighter and much smaller.  In the above images I took an image of the Blue Heron at the other end of the pond.  If you look closely you can see it in the middle of the image.  I then cropped out a section of that image and resized it to make the closer view of the heron.  This works pretty well with the Pentax 36MP FF sensor and this pancake lens.  But it also works OK with the 28-105mm lens and with it I can photograph wider and further and still crop-zoom.

I’m leaning toward just using this 43mm f/1.9 lens for most of my personal and walk-about images and using the 28-105mm for my Homewood event/activities lens.  I haven’t decided yet and I need to try it some more and also compare it to using the Fuji X100V camera.  In addition to the weight differences, I need to also consider differences in depth of field (DoF) between using the Pentax vs. the Fuji X100V.  In the images below I used one camera to photograph the other with both set at f/2.8 aperture (not the same distance apart, but you can see DoF differences).  The hood is on the 43mm lens in this image.  I have moved to trying it without the hood with a clear filter to protect the lens.