Yesterday’s Pentax Walk with 18-55mm Lens

I tried something different yesterday morning.  I used my 18-55mm APS-C lens on the K-1 camera, but set the camera to using full frame images.  This preserves the total number of pixels (36MP) and gives me a greater capability to crop as I want, rather than have the camera do it and reduce the size down to around 15MP and change the effective focal length.  The disadvantage is that the images might suffer from vignetting, but it mostly just does that at the 18mm focal length.

The reason I photographed that way was to see how this WR zoom lens performed as a true 18-55mm focal range.  The prime 43mm lens that I like to use is not weather resistant and I wanted to know how this cheaper weather resistant lens performed so that I can use it on the K-1 in bad weather.  I was also using raw files to see how well they worked on my new computer.  Answer:  quick and effortlessly.

The set of pictures above demonstrates how well I can use this lens at 55mm focal length and then crop in and upsize the image to capture details.  You can see the dragon fly in the center of the first image and then a crop from it in the second image.

The other images below are a sample of others that I made with the lens.  Note that leaves are coming down.  Also note that the birdhouse has a skylight.