Contemplating One’s Navel

 I’m back in the mode of contemplating my navel, which was an expression often used when I worked and contemplated what the future was going to bring in terms of threats and future needs.

I finished all of my intended looks at how I can best use my Pentax cameras and lenses.  All I need now is a purpose and things to photograph with them; but I really have little to none.  There is little that is new or worth photographing at Homewood that is of interest to me.  I’ll just have to wait, and it might be until next year.

In the meanwhile I want to use my Fujifilm X100V which is lighter and easier to carry with me when I’m walking about, etc.  I’m thinking about adjusting to the realities of the times by simplifying my photography and using the Fuji X100V to capture the “environment” as I see it.  I’m still thinking about whether I want to treat the camera like a film camera and at the same time doing less processing.  I will see how it goes, but mostly I would like to use ACROS jpegs with the X100V and without additional processing for some of my personal journaling.  Since those images often don’t belong in this blog, I will try to do some additional things for blog pictures. 

I am also going to use the Olympus TG-6 more, especially for the real close-ups like shown below, as well as for the extreme weather conditions which we might have this winter.