Works, But?

I have my TG-6 set to produce square monochrome jpeg images.  One of my preferences would be to only make common everyday B&W images that tell the story of my existence as time flows past and publish these stories in printed magazines or books.

The main problem is that I don’t have much to tell or show during these times, but I do try to capture images of things I see as I take my daily walks on the same short streets and paths, over and over.

One other issue is that sometimes the making of color images works better to show what I see, so I set my TG-6 so that I also capture color raw files at the same time I’m making my B&W jpegs images.  Having a raw file also gives me the opportunity to shift the square crop side to side after the fact if I didn’t quite get it correct in the jpeg.

Below is an example of when I need to make and publish color images.  I’m hoping that we have better fall colors than we had last fall as the leaves change, and if what I’m already seeing is indicative of the color changes this fall, they will be.  As you can see, it is hard to do justice to a red leaf if all I make is a B&W jpeg image, but yellow flowers work nicely in B&W.

But, I have other desires.  I don’t really like making record images that are, in my view, just snapshots.  Images like above are similar to what others might make and are no real challenge for me, other than finding objects that others might like and expect.  If I am going to continue with making images, I need to find and make something different in addition to ones like the above.  I want more.  Making images like those above with a little TG-6 is a small challenge, but is it enough to keep me going?  I don’t think so.