Codorus La Ho Trail

Yes, it is fall and the leaves have started to change, but not great color at this time.  The colors are just starting to turn enough to create variations in the leaves in these B&W images.  Since I was just taking a walk with Marcia and Misty, I wasn’t looking to make images and only took the TG-6 in my pocket. 

Since I am still “on the hunt” for a preferred B&W style I decided to use the few pictures I made along the walk to work them up in a slightly different older style B&W to see how the TG-6 worked in this role.  The camera is easy to carry on walks, but not so easy to use in bright sunlight since the camera has no viewfinder and the LCD washes out badly in sunlight.

When the leaves turn more I might go back with a larger camera and see what I can do in color, but, I rather like working on images in monochrome.