Less is Better

As I get older, the more I like this kind of older looking monochrome image.  Most will claim that is because I’m remembering how some images used to look in small B&W prints, and they are probably correct, to a degree.  In addition, I have been finding that a lot of current processing is “too much” in the sense that the images are over saturated, over sharp, and with colored tones that aren’t real, so I’m rebelling.

With thoughts about another bleak winter coming, I have been working on a style that I think I like better.  I have been flattening, reducing dynamic range, decreasing contrast and clarity, etc.  So far I have been using it on all of my cameras, mostly in B&W; but, it also works well in color.  I like that it works nicely on my Olympus TG-6 which is a small camera that I can carry in my pocket.  In addition, other than for focal range differences with different lenses, I can create images with any of my cameras and it is hard to tell which camera was used.  I am even going to go back and rework some much older images I made while traveling.

My biggest concern is lack of new things to photograph so I keep trying to find different views of things right here at Homewood at Plum Creek.  The images above were all made a short distance behind the Community Center.