Selling Excess Gear

I have an excess of cameras and lenses that exceed my number of photo opportunities.  For that and other reasons, I’m in the mode of trying to decide what to sell off, which will probably be some or all of my Pentax gear since they are the oldest technologically.

I had, like lots of others, thought that the covid-19 disruptions would diminish faster than it is happening.  We haven’t even peaked yet.  Even if, or when, we have vaccines available, it will take time to learn which are the most effective and then get enough people to take them so that we can get back to social activities, travel, etc.  I am now expecting that we will be wearing masks and social distancing at least until next summer, and it could be longer, even after we have the vaccine distributed.  That is too long for me to just sit here with photography gear as I wait and twiddle my thumbs.  By the time I can get back to photographing similar to what I used to do, I might not be physically able or desire to do the same things.  In addition, too many of my cameras would have become obsolete and I would be wanting newer ones.

One thing that I would like to do in the interim is sell off some of my gear and try some new and different cameras and lenses.  That would give me something to do to occupy my time, make test images, and write about my findings, but it probably will not happen due to the cost and no real need for the cameras.  Rationally, the best thing to do is to probably sell off all of my Pentax gear, and then as conditions improve, watch the reviews of the new gear that might come out and wait and get only what I might need … not want.  I plan, for now, to keep my X100V and the TG-6 for blogging purposes.