Will Try a Sony A7R ii

I did it.  I sold all of my Pentax cameras and lenses.  I’m now waiting on the delivery of a Sony A7R ii and a few lenses to try.  I’m now going to check to see if it could be my one and only camera to get me through the coming second lean year of less photography.  If the Sony works out to my satisfaction, I might sell my Fujifilm X100V that I used to make these images.  I love the X100V, as I did the Pentax K-1 II and KP cameras, but they are not general purpose type cameras.

Long ago (the A7R ii camera is five+ years old), I thought about getting the 42MP camera along with a prime lens and then doing a lot of crop-zooming.  The reason I didn’t get it then was my computer could not handle the large files.  Now that I have a new MacBook Pro with twice the memory and speed I should be able to handle the large Sony files.  I also didn’t like the available lenses at that time and now Tamron has some nice smaller, less expensive lenses for the Sony E mount.  The final push to get me to try the Sony A7R ii camera was the drop in the cost of it.  It is now affordable.

But, the Sony could be a machine that I won’t love to use.  It might be OK technically, but leave me lacking something, so I don’t know if I will keep it.  I’ll use it for a few days or weeks, after I get it, and see how well I like it.