Keeping Both Cameras

I will keep the Sony A7R ii.  I like the Sony image quality as well as the high MP files, the camera size, the handgrip, and the cost.  I don’t like the menu, and I don’t like the focus hunting of the Sony 50mm F1.8 lens.  The jury is still out on the Tamron 28 – 200mm lens.  It is a tight fit on the camera and I have had issues with the camera not working correctly after putting the lens on the camera.

My main problem is that I don’t have any ideas on what my future needs will be relative to photography.  Until I get a better grasp on what I can and want to photograph, the best policy seems to be to hold off and neither buy or sell anything more for awhile.  I will try to find uses for both my Fujifilm X100V and my Sony A7Rii.

My goal is still to reduce and get down to one camera that best fits my needs.  My outlook for the future is clear enough to keep driving me towards reducing the stuff that I no longer have a need for; but is not clear enough to identify what that need, in the way of a camera and lenses, might be for the future.

The most damaging thing, at least to my mental state, is that each time I evaluate my desires and needs for cameras and photography, I come up with nothing and start thinking about getting rid of all of my photography gear.  This then extends into thinking about my blog and realizing I also have no need for continuing to prepare new posts for it.