The Chipmunk

I had just changed the Sony A7Rii camera to jpegs only with the clear creative style chosen and laid the camera, with the Sony 50mm f/1.8 lens on it, next to my computer.  As I looked up and out the window through the Venetian blinds I saw that a chipmunk was in the bird feeder but was getting ready to jump off.  I grabbed the camera and took a quick snapshot.  The first image is what I got.

I doubted that the focus was  on the chipmunk since I was photographing between the blinds, but I could see I managed to capture him after I had downloaded the image.  I then decided to see what could be done with the image as I did extensive crop-zooming and converting it to a B&W image in LR.  I then used ON1 to increase the size and sharpen it a little to make the style shown in the second image.

It looks like the camera is going to perform just as I hoped it would.  I look forward to using just a single prime lens and then crop-zooming to achieve the image I want.  I love having 42MP.



    John, your last two days of pictures have been super ! The flowers were fantastic and the chipmunk clearin every detail.