My Minimalistic Approach to Photography

After many fits and starts and much trying and thinking over the last few years, I am finally shrinking down to one camera with as few lenses as possible.  I also plan to use as few processing styles as possible.

I am now using a Fujifilm X-Pro3 Dura Black camera with the Fujinon XF 35mm F2 lens which gives me an effective focal length of 50mm.  I managed to get a better price on a used X-Pro3.  If I were buying a new X-Pro3, I would have gotten the less expensive black painted version, but I really like this dura black coating.  I am mostly photographing at F2 and using raw files with the Fujifilm Classic Neg. film style as I compare it to ACROS monochrome.  I then make as few adjustments as necessary to create the image I’m looking for.  I adjusted the clarity to -30 and the saturation to -40 in LR Classic with Classic Neg. style for the images in the previous post.

I used the X100V to make this picture of the X-Pro3, using Classic Neg.  I sold the Fujifilm X100V along with the waterproof cameras after taking this picture.  If I need a camera in addition to the X-Pro3 I will use my iPhone SE. 

I am minimizing and simplifying my photography process.  In addition, I may be making fewer pictures and fewer posts due to the lack of opportunities during these times, but I hope to work on minimizing my image compositions and deciding on monochrome vs. Classic Neg. film style.